Adventurers have long kept Little Corn as one of their favorite secrets, an island on the Caribbean so small that it has no place for big burdens or worries. Yogis, eccentric travelers and wanderlusters will find this place an idyllic spot for peace of mind and retreat, as well as for discovery. Little Corn hides behind the waves of the Caribbean Sea about 45 miles off the eastern coast of Nicaragua and getting there is an adventure by itself. Forget about cars, wi-fi, roads and shoes, embrace a Barefoot Chic destination where the only way of getting around is on a boat, a horse or walking. This island is a jewel of white gold sand, pearl shorelines and precious crystal waters, guarded in secrecy by distance and silence. A vacation here is like any other dreamlike fantasy surrounded by lively local music, warm people, rustic seaside bars and restaurants serving fresh lobster anytime of the day. Scuba Divers will find a treasure of multicolored corals at the “Blowing Rock” one of the most popular diving sites of Little Corn, having the chance to spot dolphins, sharks and rays, as well as all kinds of fish. Snorkeling, paddle boarding, kite surfing, fishing, horseback riding, or simply relaxing are also some of the most popular activities on the island. Pack you sun tan lotion, your sunglasses, a hat and prepare to be welcomed with warm smiles and exquisite tropical weather for an off the wall experience Island style.