Tulum is a unique destination, effortlessly combining laid back hippie vibes with world class gastronomy and mixology and all with the mesmerizing backdrop of the Caribbean Sea. Here you can lose yourself in a secluded and relaxing atmosphere, just minutes away from archaeological sites, lush jungle, amazing lagoons and hidden cenotes. By far one of the hottest spots of the world for your wanderlust bucket list, offering a wide range of adventure, self-pampering and cultural experiences to welcome any kind of traveler, whether you are looking for a fun tropical vacation with your children or a romantic escapade with your loved one.


Colonial heritage, pirate history, Mayan ancestry and contemporary touristic experiences. The Yucatan Peninsula manages to blend the richness of its cultural legacy with the wonders that only nature has to offer, creating unique experiences full of luxury and adventure. A peculiar place on earth where beautiful beaches surround a magical land with lush green jungle that hides underground rivers and unbelievable natural pools known as cenotes, one of the greatest attractions of the Peninsula.


Cenotes are natural jungle pools that are created after millions of years of erosion, connecting the surface with the incredible underground rivers that flow beneath the earth throughout the whole Yucatán Peninsula. Once considered sacred places by the Mayans, for being the only source of fresh water in the region, cenotes have become one of the greatest adventurous, mystical and natural attractions when staying at Tulum. Just don’t forget to ask permission to the Mayan deities before plunging in from the rope swing or from the highest rock.


The Mexican Caribbean is the ultimate destination for ocean lovers, a paradisiac collection of experiences that will take more than one trip to enjoy. From sunbathing on the beach with a hand on a cold tropical drink and a foot buried in the sand, to scuba diving in the depths of this turquoise seascape and discovering the world’s second largest coral reef. This warm and beautiful destination is a playground for scuba divers, kite surfers, beach goers and bliss hunters, offering the perfect spot for any water sport or a catamaran cruise.


Once a year nature gives us one of life’s most wonderful spectacles, the sea turtle nesting season. For two months the entire Riviera Maya coastline, including Tulum, receives thousands of sea turtles looking for the safest spot to burry their eggs. For six months brigades and civil organisms protect and watch the beaches to keep the eggs safe from predators, until September and October, when the baby turtles break free from their eggs and begin their adventure towards the sea.


Founded by the Mayans during the post-classic period, this seaside archaeological site was once called Zama, which means, dawn. A city that acted as a strategical point to oversee the coming of merchants that came from the sea. Renamed as Tulum by the Spaniards which means, walled city, it has become the most visited archaeological site in Quintana Roo, mainly because of its mesmerizing view of the ocean, the idyllic beach that lays down the cliff and because all of the stories that it leaves to the imagination.


30 minutes away from Tulum you can discover Coba, one of the greatest archeological sites of the whole Yucatan Peninsula. Famous for its main building called Nohoch Mul, which means, big hill. It is the highest pyramid in the whole region, being 42 meters tall, giving visitors the opportunity of a breathtaking view of the jungle canopy. Coba is by many considered as the must fun archaeological site for having the option of renting a bike and wandering about through the trails that connect the ruins., passing under incredible branch formations of the trees of this ancient jungle.